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by 31st December.2015 the Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte fsfut down the work in context of long-term-funding within the "Akademienprogramm" . The database JDG-Online won't be updated anymore. Please read more in the follwing newspost:


Abschluss und Neuanfang:

Von den Jahresberichten zur deutschen Geschichte zur Deutschen Historischen Bibliographie




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  • The free accessible, daily updated database covers all entries from 1949, the first volume of the new section, to the year 2015. At the moment ca. 764,000 titles are included. (Final state: December 2015) The Jahresberichte of the Interwar Period (Vol. 1-14, 1925-1938) are also electronically available, but in another research service.
  • Information on transferring titledata to reference management software like Citavi, Zotero & Co, is available here.



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